Vovinam Viet Vo Dao
Toulouse - Midi-Pyrénées - France

Here are some examples used in the Martial Arts :

- Using Basic techniques (Ky Thuat Can Ban) : fists,legs,elbow,side of hand,countering

- Falling and rolling (Lan Lon ) : to avoid injury

- Combative techniques (Chien Luoc) : different stratergies used in combat

- Self Defensive techniques (Khoa Go) : ways for disengaging from actual attacks

- Codified Links (Quyen) : imaginary fights against many opponents.

- Combat (Vat ) : the art of One to One combat (holds, locks, pushes and immobilisation…..)

- Flying Scissors (Don Chan ) : allowing you to master the techniques of your body in the air.

- Linked Codified Combat (Song Luyen ) : training with a partner armed or unarmed.

- Traditional arms : swords,long sticks, knives, halberds, …

- Theory, Philosophy : a hundred different themes for the beginner, memory aids to help pass the 1st Dang, and help for higher levels from the 4th Dang).


The Vovinam VietVoDao of Toulouse France and its region allows you to learn and progress at your own speed in accordance with your level and desired objectives. The Vietnamese Traditional Martial Arts is a discipline which can be undertaken at all ages ׃ adults, adolescents and children. Instructors will follow your progress whether it be  for personal development or for entering National or International competitions.

The Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Traditional Martial Art, is part of the history of the Vietnamese people in its efforts to preserve and define its identity.

Come to the classes to discover and even, why not, try it !