Vovinam Viet Vo Dao
Toulouse - Midi-Pyrénées - France

Here are some examples used in the Martial Arts :

- Using Basic techniques (Ky Thuat Can Ban) : fists,legs,elbow,side of hand,countering

- Falling and rolling (Lan Lon ) : to avoid injury

- Combative techniques (Chien Luoc) : different stratergies used in combat

- Self Defensive techniques (Khoa Go) : ways for disengaging from actual attacks

- Codified Links (Quyen) : imaginary fights against many opponents.

- Combat (Vat ) : the art of One to One combat (holds, locks, pushes and immobilisation…..)

- Flying Scissors (Don Chan ) : allowing you to master the techniques of your body in the air.

- Linked Codified Combat (Song Luyen ) : training with a partner armed or unarmed.

- Traditional arms : swords,long sticks, knives, halberds, …

- Theory, Philosophy : a hundred different themes for the beginner, memory aids to help pass the 1st Dang, and help for higher levels from the 4th Dang).


Hôi Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Toulouse va vung Midi-Pyrénées tao co hoi cho cac ban kham pha phuong phap tap luyên vo thuât va tan toi theo suc va muc tiêu cua cac ban. Vo co truyen Viet nam la môt bô môn thich hop cho moi lua tuoi: nguoi lon , thanh thiêu niên va tre em. Cac huân luyên viên se giup cac ban phat triên trên phuong diên ca nhân hay tham gia vao cac cuôc tranh giai quôc gia hay quôc tê.

Vovinam Viet Vo Dao , Vo cô truyên la tac phâm cua nguoi Viet Nam trai qua dong lich su trong công cuôc dau tranh de xac dinh va gin giu nguôn goc nguoi dân Viet.

Come to the classes to discover and even, why not, try it !